YES YES YES! We are open for BUSINESS! For Female Veteran Business, that is.

Today is my FIRST Official BLOG POST! 4/18/18! Maybe not a real blog, but it is a start!

The excitement is growing. Our paperwork and everything has been filed and approved. We’ve been to the bank! State Offices! Parish Offices! Talked with our great Government IRS Folks..and we are Official.
Filling out the last IRS form and sending it off!

I’ve thought about what I’ve wanted to do for years, even while in uniform!

Here I’m thinking out loud… or rather TYPING/BLOGGING to the world. I don’t down play any of my service time. I WOULD NEVER! I am a UNITED STATES MARINE! Oh Rhaa! (it’s a Marine thing). My service to my country and to the Corps was FANTASTIC. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to and NEEDED “TO DO” something else. Something More! I’ve turned down jobs here and there, some for GREAT money, some not so much. WORKING for others, is not where my heart is. It’s serving others. Serving others I truly believe is a Life worth Living. Since my retirement, a few years back, I became a Louisiana Licensed Realtor. My best friend aka soul mate (Keith) and I joined Keller Williams (KW) Realty – This awesome company is all about helping others. Helping others Dreams come true. Helping others Succeed. KW teaches and inspires that an individual should come from a “Life of Contribution”. THIS WAS MY MINDSET! I had just never put it in to such beautiful words. Live a Life of Contribution. How FANTASTIC is that!

(By the way – I love exclamation marks and the word FANTASTIC [My husband says I use that word too often]).

I knew my purpose had to be something concerning and helping people. I’ve had my hands AND toes in a variety of different volunteer services for many different demographics of our society – HOWEVER – Each time I’ve turned the corner I have been re-directed back to Veterans and the Female Veteran. How can I not? I was in uniform for 25 years! I am a life long Veteran – A Female Veteran. A FEMALE MARINE! (yep I said it, a FEMALE MARINE).

I want to share and tell the world how and why I am where I am… The question is “WHERE TO START”? mmhhh
Well, lets see, I was born…LOL. No we’re not going to go there – Like ‘Once Upon A Time’ NOT.

Anyways, the longer I stayed in uniform, and as much as I love and loved it, it was not my destiny nor ending point…It was my starting point. SO for all intentional purposes my start took me 25 years.
That is what has given me my purpose. You see, living in a male environment, whether we admit it or not, as female service members, as Female Veterans, that world shapes our decisions, words and outcome.

OKAY….here is where I stop for today. TOO MANY THOUGHTS in my head right now.

I’m going to transcribe some of them on paper and get back to this soon. First that last IRS form, until they tell me I need ANOTHER ONE…Good night.

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