Louisiana Veteran’s Ball

Hello BIG WORLD! I am completely stoke and excited! My face has been smiling – A LOT!

We’ve been busy since our last blog date!
The last of the required IRS paper work is filled out! Hopefully! And we are heading to the PO soon!

AND…suspense pause! (wink wink)… We have our first MAJOR FUND RAISER on the calendar!
We are hosting a “Louisiana Veteran’s Ball”! In a MILITARY world, we have service balls annually.
However, once a Veteran moves on from the Military or away from a Military town, service balls are pretty tough to find. SO…WAFAC is going to host the FIRST Baton Rouge area, Veteran’s Ball!

We’ve looked at November in/around Veteran’s Day AND we’ve found our Venue!
AND we’ve found two very accessible dates!
Get your Uniforms, Sunday best, suits and ball gowns ready!

Great Program coming! Great Food! And of course Great music are coming this way!

More to be updated in the coming days and weeks! Stay tuned!

Cheers and Blessings…

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