WWII Female Veterans Honored

Honored WWII Female Veterans – May 5, 2018

Louisiana WWII Lady Veterans Honored

WWII Female Veterans, Ms. Vera Nuschler & Ms. Lillian Hoover were Honored and presented the “Quilt of Valor” (QOV) from The Giving Quilt and Louisiana Women’s Veterans” Organizations.

Both Women served at a time in history when Women in Uniform was not a widely supported job. These women served proudly and with honor. “THANK YOU” to all those who serve!

Learn more about these two fascinating Veterans HERE.

WAFAC and LWV is working to do more outreach to Women Veterans and bring awareness to the Women Veteran Community.

To learn more CLICK HERE, and to donate CLICK HERE.



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Housing and Vehicle Support Request

WAFAC  and Warrior Vision is in search of community support for Lady Veterans. We are looking for donations of homes for short or long term rentals and Vehicle donations to support struggling Veterans giving them a place to live and a way to get to and from work.


We desperately need your help. We are looking for small homes/apartment, condos,  etc., for rent and vehicles as a donation to WAFAC  and WV in support of Female Veterans in the GREATER BATON ROUGE area. Your generous donation will help Women Veterans get to work and support their families. If you have a vehicle or auto maintenance skills that you would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. Support the working Warrior!

Housing and Vehicle Support Request

ALL DONATIONS: Rentals donated (short or long) & Vehicles and/or Vehicle  Maintenance will receive TAX EXEMPT Letters, as we are a Veteran Approved 501(c)(3) Charity. Currently there are multiple Female Veterans and children couch surfing and/or living with relatives in our Great Baton Rouge areas.

Call Angella 225-264-1729 or Don 225-454-8586

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