WAFAC is about serving Women Veterans, their spouses and families and so on!

Sisters in Arms are what we are “about”. Forever bonded through a mutual experience and identity.
Many of us walk away from the Military and assume new roles and titles. The fact that we were once Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Sailors (or Guardsmen) long before we were titled as Mom, Wife, Aunt, Teacher, or whatever our new Career or role is in our “life after the Military” is often a second memory.

As many of us assume these new roles, we often leave that familiar bond we had while in uniform, behind.
That family feeling and knowing someone, anyone, had your back no matter the situation is missed.

Women Veterans’ transition, suicide, depression, PTSD, and MST issues are less “publicized” and “less” socialized as our male counterparts, simply because our overall numbers are smaller. However, female Veteran ratios of these issues are larger than our male counterparts and all other Female groups. Per a Veteran Affairs (VA) 2015 published study and a 2017 published article by Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) and republished via NPR, Female Veteran suicide rates are 250% HIGHER than our female civilian counterparts.

This is why we’ve founded this Organization – to ensure an ongoing life line of support.

The small efforts of a few female Veterans in the Greater Baton Rouge and surrounding area has already brought 50+ female Veterans together as of 2017.  Our 2018 Women’s Veteran Conference had over 115 attend!

Women Armed Forces Action Committee (WAFAC) is going to continue this effort on a larger scale and reunite our Female Veterans. We are going to bring them back together and ensure they know our “Sisters in Arms” are there for them. Women Armed Forces Action Committee is a non-denominational, non-racial, gender friendly, NON-POLITICAL organization. We are “about” building camaraderie, spirit and social recognition back into our lives, and ensuring we know someone is there to guide us and help us. WAFAC will accomplish this through care, support and social events and life building skills, education and information.

Female Veterans are a breed of their own. We are a small part of the population and often under served and under represented.
With our many roles, hats and titles we wear (along with our combat boots) it most often is a never-ending day.
We plan on giving those days a beautiful facelift!

We are starting in the South and plan to grow to all of the United States, reaching every Woman Veteran we can, showing them each that they are loved and cared for – and we are still “Sisters in Arms” and we have her back.

WAFAC is about serving Women Veterans, also known as Women Warriors, spouses and their families. This includes former or Retired female military members who have served any term honorably in the US Armed Forces.