WAFAC Founder and President is Retired United States Marine, Major Angella Lawrence. Major Lawrence served more than 25 years in the Marine Corps. Major Lawrence, started her career as an enlisted Marine. Private Johnson went to boot camp, in 1988, at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, Parris Island. She was promoted through the ranks to Staff Sergeant, when she was encouraged and applied for the Warrant Officer Program. Staff Sergeant Johnson was selected and promoted to Warrant Officer. Warrant Officer Johnson attended the Warrant Officer Basic Course, in 2000 in Quantico, Virginia.  She served as Platoon Commander, Traffic Management Officer and was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 3 when she applied for the Limited Duty Officer program. CWO3 Lawrence was selected and promoted to Capt Lawrence. Capt Lawrence served as Marine Corps Logistics Command, Distribution Officer and the Marine Expeditionary Forces, (FWD) Distribution Officer both stateside and overseas in Afghanistan. She was promoted to Major and retired in 2013. She is married and has a blended family.

Major Lawrence has been a long time advocate for Veterans. From her eldest son who tagged along as she and other female Veterans and Veteran Groups supported one another, to her current husband of 16 years and their children, her family has always understood there was always “extended” family members in her life- her Veteran Friends.  Angella has always been focused and concerned about “other” Veterans vice herself first.

She learned early on in her career that family quickly went beyond those who you grew up with. She learned family was also those brothers and sisters in arms. Angella and other Veterans had to rely on one another at work and at home. From helping with work missions, weekend duty time, to helping raise and watch one another’s children. Angella has always ensured those around her were taken care of long before herself.

The longer Major Lawrence stayed in uniform, the more she noticed the Women Veteran is an under-served Veteran and a much under served part of the population. Dealing with her own history in the Armed Services, as a single mom for some years, as a dual custody parent, and as a wife, serving as a Woman in a Male based world and multiple deployments away from her family, she knew she was not the only one with concerns and issues.

Upon Major Lawrence’s retirement she joined several Veteran Organizations and started volunteering. The Veterans Affairs Volunteer Program (New Orleans/Baton Rouge outreach), the Marine Corps League, Choctaw Detachment #778, etc. Angella found a connection but still something was missing.  She reached out to several of her former Woman Veteran friends, visited with them and formulated an idea of a Woman’s Veteran outreach organization. Something that would bring others like herself and other Veteran Organizations together without the confined structure of organizations already created. Then, June of 2017 she attended a Woman Veteran Retreat and her idea formed even more. In August 2017, she met another group of Women Veterans wanting to get together to share information, education and experiences. After months of working and getting donations in kind with a small group of other Women Veterans, and another life experience in October 2017, Angella started the official paper work to form and found Women Armed Forces Action Committee (WAFAC). She is also now a member of Louisiana Women’s Veterans. Molly Marines and working to join the efforts of many more.

Then March of 2018 she attended another Women Veteran’s Spiritual Retreat to Israel. Upon her return she has been mission focused on addressing Women Veteran Issues…born officially and approved, by the Federal Government, is Women Armed Forces Action Committee (WAFAC) a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.