Why Donate?

This is THE big question: Why Donate and Why donate to our Cause?

For starters, donating to Non-Profits are a great tax deduction, however the more prevalent and important reason is that you will help WAFAC serve an important yet under-served population
The Female Veteran.

Your donation WILL make a difference in someone’s life, a Woman Veteran’s Life and possibly her family.

Statistically speaking female uniformed members have a higher rate, per ratio of depression and suicide than their male counterparts. Additionally, the Woman Homeless Veteran rate is climbing. When men go homeless, many times men go alone, however when women go homeless they are more routinely going homeless with children.

There are very few programs that address the needs of Women Warriors. WAFAC caters to the specific and unique needs of Women who have served. Women who have served often are mothers, wives and/or care takers of someone else, leaving their own needs as a second priority or worse, unaddressed.

Our Women Veterans may need big assistance or small assistance. Perhaps just a motivating phone call, utility bill or car note assistance, perhaps grocery assistance or a family break. Many women who are leaving the service are the bread winners for their families. A small Emergency fund/grant may be the difference in helping save a life or a family.

WAFAC is here to foster balance where the Woman Veterans needs.

Save a Family; Save a Life. Save a Life; Save a Family.

“In the wider American population, men have higher rates of suicide than women, but the rate of suicide for women vets increased more than male vets in that study period”.

VA Fact Sheet on Female Veterans

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